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The other day I received another request from hubby to bake something for work. His old department were throwing him a farewell party to wish him good luck on his promotion. As his work is not around the corner, I wanted to bake something that ‘travels well’. I also wanted to bake something I hadn’t baked before and that would be a bit unusual for Israeli standards. So I looked in my Taste of Home Cookies book and found a great recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies. Something a bit different, but at the same time a taste that most everyone loves. I’m not too crazy about the combination of peanuts and chocolate together, but then I wasn’t baking for myself, was I? The fun part of baking these brownies was that part was made in the oven (the brownie part, about 60% of the total mass) and part in the fridge (the top layer of peanut butter cream, about 40% of the total mass). It was a first for me to bake in this manner, so I really enjoyed the experience of doing something new.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Unfortunately, I did not get to taste it myself, (I would have liked to despite not being a big fan of the combo pb and chocolate) but I got great feedback  and people absolutely loved it! So another success story in the bag. By the way, as a twist I added some raw thina paste to the peanut butter cream, which gave it a deeper and more layered flavor.  I don’t know what it is with me, I just find it very hard to completely stick to a recipe and not add my own ideas.






I always love doing a bit of baking before the weekend. It reminds me of my childhood. My mum used to bake us something every Friday while preparing Friday night dinner, (being Jewish this is most important family meal of the week) filling the house with the familiar sweet smell of the start of the weekend. Three childhood favorites stand out: cherry crumble pie, chocolate marble cake and vanilla cream filled profiteroles.  As children my sister and I could hardly wait for the marble cake to cool down and often managed to convince mum to cut us a piece as it came straight out of the oven.

This morning though I decided to try something new and went for baking Banana Nut Brownies. Not only was this an extremely quick and easy recipe, I also liked the fact that this brownie recipe is made with butter instead of oil (which I feel can leave brownies lacking in flavor) and required relatively little of it.  When I mashed the banana, I ended up with more than the 1 cup the recipe states (I think I had about 1.3 cups), but I added it all in, which turned out great as it really gave the brownies a nice banana flavor.  Walnuts are of course always a great addition to any baked goods containing either chocolate or banana, but as they are quite mild in flavor I do feel that the recipe could use another ingredient to give it some more depth taste wise.  I was thinking a hint of ginger would go great with the taste of the banana’s, but it’s quite an unusual combination with chocolate. Still I think it would work. Alternatively, it could be nice to stir half a cup of raisins in or top the brownies with a coffee chocolate frosting.

These fluffy brownies will definitively be a success with anyone who likes bananas and/or  is not keen on an overwhelming chocolate taste in baked goods.

One thing is for sure: my 2.5 year old absolutely loves them!

What a great day to decide to start writing a blog about baking cookies.

I sure have plenty to write about.

My day started something like this: Around 9:30 am my husband announces that he needs ‘something nice’ to bring to a meeting for work.  This meeting includes around 25 people and he needs it by 5pm as he’s working the night shift that night. Okay, great! I just received two amazing baking books I recently ordered and I was itching to try out some new recipes. Both these books, by the way, are absolute gems for anyone who enjoys baking cookies, bars and brownies! Then I all of a sudden remembered that I promised to bring desert to a family dinner tomorrow, but that was okay, because my 2.5 year old had already promised himself yesterday that he was going to ‘bake cookies’ with mommy. Basically, this means that I bake and he samples all the ingredients. Apart from when we do rolled sugar cookies. He’s not bad with a cookie cutter and sprinkles for a little fella his age! No problem, I would bake hubby’s goodies in morning when above mentioned little fella was at daycare and I would bake cookies in the afternoon which could double as desert for the family dinner. Everything under control! The only issue in this scenario was that it left me precious little time to get any of my work done (I work online from home) but I would make up for it some other time.

Now unfortunately I broke my camera, so I have no pictures of this morning’s results, but I can guarantee everything just like the pictures I found that’s connected to the book (Taste of Home Cookies) I used! I baked fudgy brownies with chopped walnuts inside

Fudge Brownies

and chocolate chips on top and gingery pear bars on a crumble cookie base. Both left the house with a corner missing 🙂

Pear Bar Cookies


For the cookies I decided to go with Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book and went for the Chocolate Crinkles and Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies, which I suspect will come out looking like the picture below.

Both these recipes require for the dough to chill in the fridge overnight (clever little trick of mom to divide the work over 2 days 😉 ), so tomorrow we’ll happily continue and hopefully I will find a way to take some end result pics!



Baked and eaten

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