Maraschino Shortbread Hearts

Posted on: January 11, 2011

My little guy decided it was time to bake cookies again. He makes himself this promise about every other week, which keeps me busy and him happy and vice versa, since we both love to bake and eat cookies.  As I was not in the mood at all for another batch of sugar cookies in the shape of numbers covered with sickly sweet sprinkles I looked for a recipe that required a cookie cutter and would be fun for a toddler to help out with (read: ‘continuously eat the dough to see if it doesn’t taste bad’)

I loved a few things about this recipe: The dough was an absolute delight to work with. Easy, not sticky and kept its shape beautifully. The maraschino cherries gave the dough a wonderful pink color, so there was no need for added artificial coloring. The recipe asks for very little sugar, but still the cookies taste great. The recipe is quick and easy and the result stunning. Every single person that saw and tasted these cookies couldn’t get over how great they are.
I experimented with the chocolate dipping. I dipped some like in the original picture, but some the top half and some the bottom half. They came out looking real good! I will use this recipe again and again, especially if I want to bake something for someone as a present.



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